The Arborist Bar & Eatery

The Arborist Rooftop Bar and Eatery
The Arborist has a ground floor restaurant and bar offering extensive breakfast, lunch and dinner menus designed to mix and match to create your perfect meal of varied taste experiences. Our dishes and beverages use herbs, fruits and flower notes inspired by nature. The drinks menus include a wide selection of coffee, exotic teas and fresh health drinks, sublime cocktails and a selection of local and imported wines and beers.Our Hotel Guests can enjoy preferential breakfast specials at The Arborist, please enquire at reception.

Rooftop Bar
Wellington’s most spectacular rooftop bar, is perched 7 stories high. It is an oasis of greenery, sun and stunning views in the heart of the city. It’s the perfect place for weekday lunch breaks, step out of your office and recharge in the beautiful surroundings and sunshine. And for after work drinks The Arborist has simply fantastic cocktails on offer.

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Opening Hours

Restaurant Hours

Monday to Friday 7am- 10am
Saturday brunch 8am - 3pm
Sunday brunch 8am - 2pm

Monday –Saturday: 12pm - 3pm


Monday - Saturday: 5pm - Late
Sunday afternoon

Rooftop Hours

Monday - Friday from 12pm on fine days

Weather permitting






Fully Loaded BLOODY MARY
With Streaky bacon, slider, cheese, fried gherkin  $20

Toast & Spreads -$7 grainy or sourdough with your choice spreads, fix & fogg peanut butter or house preserves GFO

Turkish Eggs-$14 soft poached, savoury Greek yoghurt, chilli nut butter, toasted coriander seeds and grainy toast GFO

Scrambled Eggs 2.0-$12  wood sorrel, chives, basil oil, grainy toast  GFO

Poached Eggs-$10 served on foccacia -Add wilted spinach and hollandaise $5 GFO

Fruit Salad-$10 honey, yoghurt; freeze dried berries, nuts & seeds GF/V

Muesli Bowl-$12 toasted muesli, honey, yoghurt, berry compote, freeze dried berries, nuts, seeds

French Toast-$16 made with ciabatta bread, served with lemon curd, berry compote & freeze dried berries.

Lumberjack Breakfast–$22 eggs, bacon, chorizo, beans, slow roasted tomato, kumara hash, sourdough   DFO/GFO

Vege Lover–$22 eggs, mushroom ragout, halloumi, beans, slow roasted tomato, kumara hash, avocado, grainy bread  DFO/GFO

Lamb & Kumara Hash-$18 fried egg, edamame beans, spinach, jus  GF/DF

Mushroom Ragout -$18 exotic wild mushrooms, panko crumbed poached egg, chives, grainy bread  DFO/VO

Smashed Avo-$15 avocado, spring onion, coriander, blistered cherry tomatoes, goats feta, grainy bread GFO/ VO

Scrambled Tofu –$14  orange, sesame, wilted nasturtium leaf, coriander, avocado grainy bread  GF/V

Add On:

Kumara hash brown $4
Garden salad $4
Mushroom Ragout $ 5
Hollandaise $4
Bacon $5
Chorizo $4
Slow roasted tomato $4
Guacamole  $4
Prosciutto $4


Lumberjack burger  GFO

Double beef, cheese, house pickles, special sauce

Hot bird burger  GFO

Fried chicken, jalapenos, cheese, hot sauce, milk bun

Tree lover  VO/GFO

chickpea, broccoli, zucchini patty, relish, aioli, milk bun

Pulled pork – GFO smoked apple mayo, sauerkraut slaw

Side of parmesan fries small $4

*All burgers can be served on lettuce bun


Day & Night Menu


Market fish POA

Slow braised beef brisket – lavender & manuka smoked cucumber yoghurt & hand-made potato crisps            $15 GF/DFO

Mutton backstrap – pine & rosemary salted, pistachio mint crumb, preserved plum jus $17 GF/DF

Crispy pork belly – parsnip puree & house gravy $15 GF

Crispy tofu – sticky ginger soy glaze $10 GF/V/DF

Jerk chicken - jamaican marinated boneless thigh $13 GF/DF

Salt & pepper squid – wasabi kewpie & coconut $12 GFO/DF

GF: gluten free V: vegan DF: dairy free O: option


Superslaw - kale, carrot, red onion, corn, nuts, cabbage, fix n fog peanut butter, nuts & seeds $8 GF/V

Beetroot n kumara – citrus smoked feta, nasturtium walnut & berry dressing $9 GF/VO

Roast cauliflower - shaved fennel, parsley & hazelnuts $10 GF/DF/V

Zucchini noodles - seaweed, green beans & vegan chilli & orange mayo $9 GF/DF/V

Cream leek & spinach crumble
 – parsley & bacon crumb $10 GF/vege option

Brussels sprouts - cranberries, anchovy mayo, crispy bacon $12 GF


Grilled flat bread – sesame seed, bull kelp & kawakawa powder, hummus $10 V

Mediterranean falafel - tomato, israeli couscous, tzatziki $12 VO

Soup of the day - small bowl $8 large bowl $12

Parmesan fries - aioli $8 GF/VO

Fried potato & gravy - $8 GF/DF


Lumberjack burger  GFO
double beef, cheese, house pickles, special sauce

Hot bird burger  GFO
fried chicken, jalapenos, cheese, hot sauce

Tree lover  VO/GFO
crispy kumara hash patty, beetroot chutney, mushroom aoili, cheese $14 GFO/VO

Pulled pork – GFO
smoked apple mayo, sauerkraut slaw

Side of small parmesan fries $4

*All burgers can be served on lettuce buns






BLOODY MARY, Fully Loaded
With Streaky bacon, slider, cheese, fried gherkin  $20

Parmesan fries with kewpie mayo $8 GF/ VO

Grilled flat bread, poppy seed, bull kelp & kawakawa powder, hummus $7 V

Southern fried halloumi chips w chilli yoghurt $11 GF avbl

Smoked fish croquettes with tomato basil aioli $9

House onion rings, aioli - $7.50

Cauliflower popcorn with lemon yoghurt $8 GF V

Southern fried chicken
with hot sauce and blue cheese dip or Smokey maple $15 GF avbl

Salt and pepper squid- wasabi kewpie & coconut $12 GF

Crispy Tofu- sticky ginger soy glaze $10 GF/V/DF

Prawns, cream, garlic, coriander, chilli, sourdough $15 GFO



Drinks Menu


Coconut Breeze  $16
Feijoa Vodka, cucumber & mint stirred through refreshing coconut water. Perfectly refreshing after a hard day.

Jameson Hibiscus Sour $16
Jameson’s Irish Whiskey, lemon juice, hibiscus sugar syrup, bitters & egg white. Relax after a hard day of log chopping with this silky smooth drop.

World famous fully loaded bloody Mary  $20
Now where do we start... just order one and bask in its glory- warning may take up to 15 minutes to create. The wait is worth it!!!

The Curious George  $20
Now where do we start... just order one and bask in its glory- warning may take up to 15 minutes to create. The wait is worth it!!!

Ferrero Rocher Martini $17
Had a hard day? Try our delicious creamy martini. Lewis Road Creamery chocolate liqueur, frangelico hazelnut liqueur and vanilla vodka

Margarita with a watermelon rim  $16
Tequila, cointreau, lime juice, agavé nectar, served on the rocks with a freeze dried watermelon and lime salted rim.

Hotel Nacional $16
Havana 3yr old rum, De Kuyper XO apricot brandy, pineapple juice, orgeat and lime. Shaken to perfection and strained into a coupe glass.

Rosebud  $16
Feelin’ like a classic? Vanilla Absolut, passion fruit, pineapple, cranberry juice, lemon shake and double strained.

Grapefruit Aperol Spritz   $16
Aperol, grapefruit juice, prosecco, topped up with soda, served over ice with a grapefruit garnish

Breakfast Negroni $17
A twist on a classic. Don’t be fooled by the name, this can be enjoyed at any time. Beefeater gin, campari stirred together with cocoa pop soaked sweet vermouth. So good you’ll want another.

We can also make classics, just ask our staff.